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Aslan as a yearling

Aslan was born in 2009 in Ireland, sired by the famous Shambo.  Shambo was a legend in the Gypsy Cob world as he was the first ever good quality palomino in the breed. Sadly he passed away in 2018.


Originally Aslan was named Versace.  He was sold as a stallion prospect to North Fork Gypsy Cobs in Saskachewan and came to Canada in 2010.  He was registered with the GVHS and renamed North Fork Aslan. He sired about 10 foals between 2010 and 2015.  He was then gelded as the breeder had decided on other prospects. That was when I purchased him and we have been together ever since.


Aslan is quite bright and happy but does have a strong opinion about everything.  He loves to play and explore, so positive reinforcement was definitely the way to go with him.



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