The 2018 Clinic has been cancelled. 


Shawna will not be travelling in 2019.Please stay tuned for possible dates in 2020.


“I want horse people to start to learn how to adapt the training to the goals they have with their horses, both on the ground and under saddle.” – Shawna Karrasch


From marine mammals to horses

Shawna Karrasch spent nearly ten years working to perfect her training skills with killer whales, dolphins, and other marine mammals. She then took this knowledge and applied it to horse training. Her first client was Olympic Gold Medallist Beezie Madden. Together, they found that adding in reward-based training made an amazing difference to their show-jumpers’ results.


She then started her own equine training company called “On Target Training”, offering clinics, demonstrations, lectures, private lessons and online coaching. In 2012 her first book got published “You can train your horse to do anything!”. In 2013 she joined Hannah Weston and Rachel Bedingfield in “Connection Training”, teaching and coaching hundreds of horse owners around the world.


Shawna on tour

Last year, Shawna visited Europe and did 9 clinics in over 7 countries. It was a huge success and the tour received positive media attention. Because of the impressive results and positive feedback, Shawna decided to do a tour through the USA and Europe this year. She will be on the road for 9 months, visiting 19 cities in 8 different countries. She is very excited and would love to share this special event with as many horse lovers as possible.


Connection Training

The Heart and Science of Positive Horse Training

Connection Training is an influential online platform for horse owners. It is a popular resource for positive horse training with many different Home Study Courses, based on practical solutions to common training questions. In 2017 Connection Training launched its Instructors’ Training Programme.  They also opened their residential training Centre in Andalucia, Spain.


What other people say

“There are times when you’d love to say to the horse, ‘That was right!’ and we’ve never had a way to do that. I think it’s a big hole in the system that we have. I think that this fills in that hole.”

Beezie Madden USA | 3 times Olympic Medallist

"I just want to say how relieved and hopeful I am to have found Connection Training and for the results I’m seeing with the “Backing your Horse” Course. At least so far, my Mustang is following along very nicely to what the videos are teaching. Seeing how smart she is, how hard she tries and how much she really enjoys her ‘work’ sessions really makes me happy too! It’s nice to see her pretty much saying “Let’s do stuff!” when I go out just to clean. Thank you Hannah and Shawna for being available and so willing to help!!"

Lisa Duntley | USA

“I recommend the concept behind ‘target-training’ because when combined with a good lesson plan, it gives the trainer an opportunity to develop a definitive and consistent way to tell the horse, “Yes, that’s it!”

John Lyons | America’s Most Trusted Horseman

"This site is fantastic, I have jumped straight in with the course on getting your horse confident, it is so great to have criteria to follow and I am looking forward to progressing logically with my horses’ training. I just watched your video ‘How Horses Learn’ in the Getting Started Course, wow and thank- you! It is fascinating to learn about the horses’ brain and such an important concept about equine learning!"

Katrina Little | UK

”I’m so excited!!! I have been following Shawna’s advice and I can proudly say that this afternoon I saddled Mojo at liberty for the first time ever! No broncing, bucking or even rounding of back! Eight years of saddling hell ended today!”


Judith Knight | UK


"Looking forward to another year of connection training, it has really made a difference for two of my ponies. Both were previously highly strung and now one is relaxed working in hand and the other has really started to “slow down” under saddle and all thats thanks to your team, videos, Study groups and the like. Thank you VERY MUCH!!!"


Rachel Lechner | Austria

Venue - Horse in Hand Ranch

(Please note that for insurance reasons, outside dogs are not permitted on the property.)


The arena for the event is an indoor 230x90.  This will give participants plenty of room for whatever they need to work on.  A set of wooden bleachers will be brought out for auditors to sit on, but I recommend you bring your own lawn chair, as the bleacher seating will be limited.


Participants are asked to arrive between 4pm and 7pm on August 3rd to stable their horse overnight.  Indoor stalls include 2 bags of shavings and have auto water.  Hay is available at an extra charge if you forget yours.  Horse in Hand also provides shovels, rakes and buckets for you to touch up with, so no need to pack yours!  When it's time to go, you can pack up and leave, no need to clean the stall!


Horse in Hand has 8 hookup camp sites and a few non-hookup.  Camping is available at an extra charge.  There are also plenty of places to park a horse trailer and sufficient parking for auditors. Signs will be on site to direct you.