May 13, 2018

April 20, 2017

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The Dominance Approach to Training Horses Part 4 of 4

August 1, 2018

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Aslan: Out First Meeting

October 4, 2015


I met Aslan today.  First impression: very laid back.  A little too so when leading.  He stays way behind and drags on the rope.  Nice problem to have in my opinion.  I hate horses that push into your space.


He could use a bit more desensitization.  He is very sensitive to touch in some areas.  I put the saddle on and he moved away slightly.  Some apprehension in his eyes and his head was up.  He could use some work with the saddle pad being thrown over him repeatedly.  Case in point: I was told that he hadn't worn a saddle in several months, but he had been ridden bareback by kids.


Aslan is also pretty soft and chubby. The girth almost wasn't long enough. When it was tightened, he side stepped fearfully. He blew out his nostrils a bit, so lots of anxiety around the saddling process. He is clearly cinchy, but he didn't hunch up or threaten to buck. He just showed a lot of uncertainty.


I tried some lateral bending.  Wow is he ever stiff in all directions.  If you pull down, he resists, if you go left or right, he resists.  Jiggling the rope helps with encouraging a downward head.  But pulling it just gets a pull back.  His overweight condition also makes it so he can only bend so far laterally.  Left is better than right, but just barely.  Also note that he was only in a plain brown leather halter, so he was able to pull back easily and lean against the pressure.