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Slowly making progress

No major updates, just a lot of ground work practicing.

Lunging: He is getting better at going out away from me and staying out there. Sometimes he will cut in randomly or stop. I just ask him to move out. Other times he will look out towards the outside and make an oblong circle and pull on the lead. So I have really had to reward him for turning his nose in and respecting when I give a little pull. This helped immensely. After all, I can't ask him to trot if he's going to pull me around like a rag doll.

Shoulder Yield: he seems pretty responsive to this still. I can see some imperfections, like he crosses his feet better one way than the other. But it is ready for work under saddle.

Targeting: He did regress a bit on targeting the bit and putting it in his mouth. I don't think he likes the chin strap. So now I have to undo the chin strap every time. It holds the bit from going through his mouth, making it necessary to have. Then I started upping the reinforcement for taking the bit again.

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