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The 5 secrets to leadership (Jonathan Field)

I liked these, so I thought I would share them from Jonathan Field's DVDs.

The 5 secrets to leadership are:

1. Purpose/Focus

You need to have a goal in mind, a direction

2. Clarity

Being clear, black and white. If you are uncertain, the horse will perceive this. Having a purpose helps, since you know what you want and it will make it easier to break it down so you are clear.

3. Fairness

Being free of bias and being objective. Don't be personally attached to a specific outcome, be more flexible!

4. Congruence

Being harmonious in thought and body language. Pay attention to what you are asking and is your body language matching that?

5. Consistency

Have a routine, be trustworthy and don't be yes then no. They have to be able to follow and predict you, not receive mixed messages.

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