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Researchers urge rethink of 'Monty Roberts' horse training method

( -- Aspects of a horse training method made famous by Monty Roberts, author of the The Man Who Listens to Horses, have been called into question by research at the University of Sydney.

"This training technique was popularised worldwide by Roberts as the Join-Up method and was used by him to train Queen Elizabeth's horses at her personal request," said Cath Henshall, a Master of Animal Science candidate in the Faculty of Veterinary Science at the University. Henshall led the research and is presenting her findings at the International Society for Equitation Science conference in Edinburgh on 17 July.

"Two main features of the method, also known as round pen horse training, are that it depends on the human trainer being able to communicate with the horse using 'horse' body language, and that it is a humane form of training. Our study casts doubt on both those claims.

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